Mrs. Trevelyan’s  Science Class

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1. DNA and Genetics

2. Chemical Reactions & Radioactivity

3. Velocity and Acceleration

4. Earth Quakes, Volcanoes, Continental Drift

Science 10 Material Covered and Homework (Scroll down for Biology 12 Resources!!!)

Textbook Website :


-WHMIS Safety Symbols

-Hazard Symbol Quiz

-Chemistry Lab Quiz

-Lab Equipment Quiz

The Microscope:

-Microscope Parts Quiz

-How to use a microscope video clip


-Video- what are proteins?

-Types of proteins

-Video- DNA structure and function

-Build a DNA molecule

-Video- what is a mutation?

-Reading DNA genes and mutations

-The outcome of mutations

-Video- Protein Synthesis

-Animation- Protein Synthesis

-Transcribe and Translate a Gene

Section 2: Genetic Engineering

-Video- Gene Therapy

-Animation- Gene Therapy

Section 3: GENETICS

 -video-what are traits

-What are dominant and recessive traits?

-Active Art- Punnett Squares

-Active Art- Pedigree

-Observable human characteristics

-More cool links for cloning!

(Click on the book above for a link to the textbook homepage-  LOTS of RESOURCES here!!)

Unit 1 : DNA and Genetics

Class Notes:

Section 1- DNA, Protein Synth, Mutations

Section 2- Genetic Engineering

Section 3- Genetics

Unit 2 Chemical Reactions

Class Notes:

Chp 4- Atomic Theory, Chemical Rxns

Chp 5- Acids Bases Salts

Chp 6- Chemical Reactions

Unit 3: Velocity and Acceleration

Class Notes:

Chp 8.1- Language of Motion

Chp 8.2- Average velocity

Chp 9.1- Describing Acceleration

Chp 9.2- Calculating Acceleration

Unit 4: Earth Science

Class Notes:

Chp 12.1- Evidence for Continental Drift

Chp 12.2- Features of Plate Tectonics

CLASS NOTES For Science 10: **click on the links below:


Please go to

Material Covered and Homework for Science 10

SCIENCE 10 REVIEW GUIDE- Focus on chapters 4, 5, 6 8, 9


Additional Review:

Unit 1 Bio Review

Unit 2 Chem Review

Unit 3 Phys Review

Unit 4 Geol Review

Section 4 : Chemistry

                -Bohr model simulator

-chemical equations

                -acids and bases

-Rate of reacions

-Radioactive decay simulator

-PhEt Simulator Half Life Dating

-Video- half life

Section 5 : Acceleration and Velocity

             -PhEt simulator- moving person

             -driving a car (velocity) simulator

             -video- straight line movement

Section 6 : Continental Drift

            -breaking up Pangea simulator

           -mountain maker, earth breaker

Section 7 : Earthquakes and Volcanoes

              -tectonic plates, EQs and volcanoes